TALIKA is a french skincare brand that was started by coincidence i 1948. A French doctor, Danielle Roches, was treating burned patients from the SWW, where she developed a lotion that was going to relieve pain from the burn. What Roches did not plan, was that this lotion gave all the patients both their eyelashes and eyebrows back. Roches’ formula is the very foundation of what TALIKA is today. 

Founder and CEO, Alexis de Brosses has taken this formula and developed it further, and made it into an international sensation. Today the Lipocils, is the most sold TALIKA product, which is based on this very serendipity that occurred in 1948. The Lipocils maximizes the growth of the eyelashes, as well as giving the lashes increased natural pigmentation and increased bow. 

What has made TALIKA to the strong brand it is today, foremost based on the innovative way their products and patents are developed. Alexis de Brosses has studied women’s beauty secrets, their rituals and their vision of wellbeing. The technology behind the products is also inspired from all around the world, specifically, to quote Brosses, “where man meats nature”. Discoveries like Hinduism’s medicine techniques, Egyptian beauty rituals, research from NASA, are just a some phenomenon de Brosses has studied to developed TALIKA’s products.   

Several celebrities have been convinced and are happily stepping forward as brand ambassadors, and are promoting these special and unique products. The product range in Norway covers completely the eye category, as well as they offer unique facemasks. 

Through TALIKA’s sophisticated innovations, they want to pass on cosmetic knowledge. If it is the secrets of the Chinese shamans, great discoveries from medicine or ray studies from NASA, they want to communicate their advantages to the men and women of the world.

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