Sans Soucis

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Sans Soucis is one of Europe’s most successful skin care Brands, a position they have had for 75 years. The success behind the brand is partly because it is based on the mineral-rich thermal spring water from Baden-Baden, which stimulates skin’s metabolism, improves its wellbeing and is exclusively used in Sans Soucis products. The skin care products characterizes by a maximum of natural ingredients and minerals in combination with innovative ingredients that provide optimal results at competitive prices.

The all-round cream Kräuter Balsam is Sans Soucis iconic product and a bestseller for over 70 years due to its unique qualities. It reduces redness and irritation, calms sunburn, makes the skin more resistant and protect it from weather and cold temperatures.

Mild aromas and carefully allergy testing makes the products skin friendly – Everyone can find a perfect solution to their skin problems!

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