Elie Saab

Slide_Elie Saab

His expertise – COUTURE
His unique inspiration – THE WOMAN
ELIE SAAB is not a fashion designer, but a Couturier – a true expert in his field. A craftsman of the sublime. His Lebanese heritage influences his work, where you can easily find the signature of gorgeous embroidery, pompous draping and precise cuts.
ELIE SAAB has become a favorite on the red carpet based on the opulence and sheer elegance of his work.
ELIE SAAB`s fragrance line LE PARFUM consists of luxurious fragrances that have won several international and national awards. His fragrances` share the same uniqueness as his fashion: it is incomparable. The fragrances are composed of the most delicate ingredients and they are created to enhance a woman`s sensual and beautiful self.

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