Dr. Brandt Skin Care is a skin care brand developed by the recognized dermatologist Frederic Brandt. Based on dermatological research and innovative in-house treatments, Dr.Brandt developed unique products that repairs and prevents damage to your skin, as well as giving it’s radiance back.

Dr. Brandt consists of three complementary units. They have their own clinics, their own research center and their own skin care brand. Dr. Brandt Skin Care has acquired international recognition and has a strong and selective distribution in Europe, Asia and USA.

Dr. Brandts clinics are on regular basis visited by celebrities, as well as thousands of satisfied clients, who have given the brand the foundation to develop their own skin care brand. Frederic Brandt was one of the world’s first dermatologists to use Botox, a fact that is much of the reason why the brand as gotten its credibility and their unique track record. 

As a skin care brand, it is very rare to run your own research center. Dermatological research is under strict control by the FDA. That is why other brands do their research in other centers. The fact that Dr. Brandt runs one of few research centers, communicates what degree of credibility they possess as a brand. Dr. Brandt Skin Care consists of different lines customized for different needs. The product range in Norway consists of the following lines; Xtend Your Youth, Do Not Age, House Calls, Pores No More and Glow. 

Product features

Dr. Brandt’s products are known for being targeted products and unique problem solvers. The different lines makes Dr. Brandt Skin Care perfect for any skin types, both younger and older skin, impure or healthy, that needs either repair or prevention of wrinkles and fine lines. Dr. Brandt Skin Care is also a perfect way to protect your skin and make it glow. 

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