Boucheron’s history  – more than 150 years of extraordinary jewelry creations, of hearts throbbing with anticipation as a jewelry box opens, and sparkling gemstones on quivering skin.

When Frédéric Boucheron in 1893 moved into a private mansion at number 26 Place Vendôme, he was the first of a series of large jewelers that opened a boutique in this well-known square in Paris. But the story began back in 1858, with bespoke designs to Indian Maharajas, royalty and wealthy aristocrats. Boucheron’s beautiful jewelry was soon found in the world’s largest cities, and the goldsmith reputation grew with every new order placed. In every aspect – from the personal order book in 1858, to the iconic ring “Quatre” created in 2004, the French jewelry house always had one goal; to pay tribute to femininity, elegance and modernity.

“Our reason for existence is to create emotions,” said Frédéric Boucheron.

For over a century, Boucheron has wanted to spread its message to the world as the jeweler of the “City of Lights”. The sunlight’s reflections in the noblest gemstones were essential when Frédéric Boucheron chose his new address on Place Vendôme. The corner where the boutique is still located today, is exactly where the sun rays hits longest.  As an avant-garde jeweler and a creator of spectacular jewelry, Boucheron has always known how to keep updated and remain eternally relevant.

Boucheron fragrances are no exception to this philosophy. Inspiration comes from history, and jewelers DNA is present in every single detail. Luxury, femininity and timeless elegance are words that describe them best.

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