Pierre Balmain was the creator of the eponymous fashion house: BALMAIN. 

He discovered early on his love for fabrics and design. Pierre Balmain first studied architecture at the Beaux Arts School but dropped out because he spent his time creating dresses. He opened his own fashion house in 1945, and set up his first business at 44 rue François Ier in Paris, which is still today, the flagship store and headquarters of the brand.

During his entire career, Pierre Balmain has striven to achieve the mission he had set as a priority: sublimate women with his creations. Considering dress-making as the architecture of movement, Pierre Balmain created well-fitted suits as well as fabulous evening-gowns, all with the same elegant and slender lines.For a long time, Pierre Balmain presented “bell-shaped” dresses, with small waists, later known as Dior’s New-Look.

Unlike some couture houses that have turned their back on what they once were, Balmain has always proudly remained true to the vision and trailblazing spirit of its founder. Today the young Olivier Rousteing is in charge, and at the age of 28, he is the youngest creative director of a French fashion house since Yves Saint Laurent. Balmain today is recognized as the ultimate it-brand and has secured Rihanna ambassador and figurehead.

Pierre Balmain was also a pioneer of fragrances. In 1947 he launched his first fragrance, Vent Vert, which was the first so-called “green” fragrance on the market. Today it is a well-known and established fragrance category. Common for Balmain fragrances is that they ARE Balmain, from design flask and packaging to the fragrance composition.

“The perfume is doing much more than signaling a presence, a perfume fosters a thousand and one memories.”

Pierre Balmain

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