About Solis

Solis As is a pure third party distributor and brand builder with focus on the selective cosmetic/beauty market.

Solis AS offer a full service solution for brands that wish to enter the Norwegian market. The company handles import, logistics, marketing and sales adaptation of both chains and individual stores.

We work with a three folded focus, where we have three client/customer groups to act in accordance with; our customers, our principals and the consumers/shoppers. Our organization is thus arranged in a way that we manage to satisfy and inspire all of them. This can only be achieved with passionate employees and a winning culture. Our key performance values are:

•Local expertise, market knowledge and expertise
•Hands on and flexible organization
•Openness and honesty Acceptance and reputation in the market is important.

Customers that are satisfied with our company and our portfolio is our most important key performance indicator. Our vision is to be the most important partner to the Norwegian specialty trade. It is therefore very nice that we on various occasions have been reworded “the preferred partner” by several of the chain in our market, when they yearly evaluate their suppliers.

Solis AS is a long-term, independent and professional partner.

The company was acquired by EMH AS in July 2018 and is now part of the Scandinavian Cosmetic Group, which is the largest distributor of Health & Beauty care products in Scandinavia. The ultimate owner of the group is the German stock listed investment company Aurelius.

Solis AS currently has 21 employees, and is managed by Mr. Stig Ødegaaed. The company is located in the center of Lysaker in the western part of Oslo. The Swedish subsidiary Alf Sörensen AB has 17 employees and is located in central Stockholm. Alf Sörensen AB is managed by Ms. Linda Jägre.



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